Frittata Recipe for One Person

The first time I made this frittata recipe it was for a crowd (rather than one serving) on a boat, which was rocking. It took quite some time to make and they devoured it in minutes! I’ve scaled it back considerably, made it a bit faster, and of course, it’s now a frittata recipe for one person instead of six. If you’re not sure what a frittata is, think  of an omelette crossed with a quiche. The full list of ingredients changes, but it’s essentially eggs, sliced potatoes, and veggies.

The other great thing about frittatas is that they’re flexible. The original recipe (from one of the 60 Minute Gourmet cookbooks) called for ham, zucchini, leeks, peppers, and mushrooms. A great combination, but I didn’t have all those ingredients when I made the version I’ve posted here. So, I used broccoli, mushrooms, and onions instead.

It does require a bit of slicing and chopping, but you can cheat, and use some frozen, pre-cut veggies, which is what I did here. I’m calling it lunch, but you could make it for a weekend brunch or for dinner too.


Substitutions and Variations for Your Frittata for One

  • make it with spinach, feta, scallions, and dill (like spanakopitas)
  • or crumble some cooked sausage and parmesan cheese
  • add artichokes (the marinated kind) and red peppers
  • add a mild cheese
  • cook some bacon, crumble it up, and add that to the vegetable/potato mixture

More Egg and Omelette Recipes

spinach and feta cheese omeletteFeta and Spinach Omelette

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egg and tomato gratinEgg and Tomato Gratin for One Person

Eggs mixed with sweet tomatoes, fragrant onions, and garlic, and topped with cheese. That’s tomatoes in the photo (not bacon), but you could certainly add some!


Compound Butter Cheeseburger

It was National Cheeseburger Day a few weeks ago.  Somehow, I managed to miss it, but celebrating with a compound butter cheeseburger is something you can do any day.  Who needs a holiday?

Compound butter is just a fancy way of saying that you take butter, soften it a bit, and then add other ingredients. Mix them all together and you have compound butter. Once you’ve got that, you add it to your ground beef, form your burger, and start cooking.

There are two good reasons to use compound butters.  The first reason is that it adds extra flavor. And, you can change the flavors by adding different ingredients to the butter (lemon, parsley and garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, a dash of cayenne, hot sauce, whatever you like).

The second reason is that it keeps your burger moist and delicious.  It won’t dry out as much if you overcook it a bit.

It’s pretty easy to do and fun to play with.

I served it on a fresh potato roll, but you can use a standard burger bun or a kaiser roll,  or even an English muffin if you prefer.

Compound Butter Cheeseburger Substitutions and Variations

  • I’ve used garlic, basil, and tarragon in my compound butter, but you can use any herbs you like.
  • Or, you can kick it up a notch with some cayenne or sriracha.
  • Replace the garlic with a few sun dried tomatoes.
  • Make a quick aioli (mayonnaise, garlic, salt, pepper, a splash of olive oil, and a bit of lemon juice), or add crisp bacon.

More Recipes with Ground Beef

white ragu papardelle

White Ragu Pappardelle Pasta for One

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Make it with fresh pasta for a real treat.


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A classic sandwich given a bit of a new twist. The tomato sauce is updated with sriracha. That elevates the flavor, gives it more kick, and modernizes an old favorite.


easy Italian meatballs for oneEasy Italian Meatball Recipe for One

Classic Italian meatballs, in a portion downsized for one person.  Use them in spaghetti, eat them on their own, or add them to soup.


easy Italian wedding soupEasy Italian Wedding Soup

Got meatballs? Add them to this soup and have a meal in minutes. You just need a few more ingredients, heat it up, and you’re done.


Pan-Fried Tilapia with Lemon Butter Sauce

This single serving of pan-fried tilapia with lemon butter sauce is quick, easy, and delicious. I was never a big fish fan growing up, but I’ve grown to like it as I have gotten older.  If you’re a bit wary of fish, tilapia is a good “starter fish.” It has a mild flavor and doesn’t overwhelm your taste buds (or your kitchen).

I got the idea from someone who said she made tilapia with butter, lemon, and rosemary.  I thought that sounded good, but that it would be even better with some olive oil and mustard powder (it was).

You can put the whole thing together and have dinner on the table in less than fifteen minutes. Make the fish, steam (or zap) some veggies and you’re good to go.

I made this recently (just as spring is finally showing signs of arriving, after a truly nasty winter), but it would be great in the summer when you want something fast.  There’s no need to heat the stove or the oven for an hour.

By the way, the fish came from Trader Joe’s.  They have great frozen fish. The tilapia was in a package with individually-wrapped fillets. Normally, I don’t like extra packaging, but in this case it was perfect, since I only had to defrost one fillet, instead of the entire bag.


Pan-Fried Tilapia with Lemon Butter Sauce Substitutions and Variations

  • If you don’t have tilapia, use another mild, white fish such as cod, flounder, or Dover sole
  • Swap the rosemary for some capers
  • Skip the mustard and the rosemary and use dill instead


More Easy Fish Recipes

fish fillet with yogurt sauceIndian Fish Fillet in Yogurt Sauce

Fish in a rich, tangy sauce that seems more decadent than it actually is.  There’s a bit of warm spiciness from cumin and garam masala, but it’s not “hot” spicy.


greek fish with lemon and tomatoesGreek Fish with Lemon and Tomatoes

Make a quick marinade, let it sit, and pan-fry the fish. Dinner is done.


sephardic fish in peppery tomato sauceSephardic Fish in Peppery Tomato Sauce

In America, we tend to think of “Jewish” food as brisket, potato pancakes, and bagels. But there’s a whole world of spicier and more varied foods from India, Lebanon, and the Mediterranean. This is one of them.

easy mediterranean fish stewEasy Mediterranean Fish Stew

A variation on the classic cioppino, popular in San Francisco, this stew is easy and accessible.  You can even start it in advance (up to the point where you add the fish).