easy Italian meatballs for one

Easy Italian Meatball Recipe for One

I may cook quite a few “exotic” or complicated dishes, but sometimes something simple and comforting and nostalgic really hits the spot.  And when it comes to nostalgia and comfort food, it’s hard to beat an old-fashioned, but easy, Italian meatball recipe.  Just thinking about spaghetti and meatballs makes me smile.

This recipe is easy, quick, and just perfect for one person. Yes, one person.  Just six meatballs.

You can serve your meatballs the classic way, with spaghetti and pasta sauce, but they’re also great for making a fast Italian wedding soup.

If you like, double the recipe and split between the two. If you don’t want the soup right away, just pop the meatballs in the freezer.  Then days, or weeks later you can defrost them and treat yourself to soup in a few minutes.

I’ve kept this recipe simple, and easy, but you can change it to suit your own tastes and preferences.  Check the end of the post for some inspiration.  You can make it spicier, swap the bread crumbs for oatmeal or potato starch (to make it gluten-free), or use turkey instead of beef.  A mixture of pork and beef is good too.

Substitutions and Variations for Easy Italian Meatballs

  • use a mixture of ground beef and pork, instead of just beef
  • add more garlic
  • add oregano
  • if you don’t have breadcrumbs, grind up some oats in a mini-chopper,  use quick-cooking oats, or try potato starch
  • use ground turkey or chicken instead of meat (if you do, I recommend getting the dark meat turkey; it tastes better)
  • add a splash of sriracha


Easy Meatball (and Ground Beef) Recipes for One

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easy Italian wedding soupEasy Italian Wedding Soup

Make your meatballs, add some broth, and other standard ingredients, and you have soup. And you don’t have to chop for an hour or wait for it to simmer either.


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