egg chili cheese burrito

Egg Chili Cheese Burrito Recipe

This egg chili cheese burrito recipe is adapted from a Southwestern cookbook I bought long ago. Their recipe called for refried beans, and while I had beans, they were dry beans and hadn’t been soaked or refried, and I didn’t want to bother.  I did have tortillas (the ones I use as sneaky crepes), plenty of eggs, chilis, scallions, and cheese.

I decided to improvise with what I had ready to eat, rather than waiting for the beans to soak.  I was hungry, and didn’t want to fuss.

If you want to make the refried beans, you can use canned beans. If you have dried beans, and you have more time than I did that day, use the quick soak method to speed up the process.

To refry beans, just heat some bacon drippings in a pan, add cooked (or canned) pinto beans, plus some of the soaking liquid, cook them on high heat, and mash them up.  Turn the heat to low once the beans get thick and simmer until they’re soft.

Egg Chili Cheese Burrito Variations and Substitutions

  • add refried beans (about 1/4 cup)
  • cut up a sausage, fry it, and add that to the burrito
  • swap the salsa for some spicy stovetop chili
  • vary the cheese; I used sharp cheddar, but Colby, Monterey Jack or Colby-Jack would work too

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