frittata recipe for one person

Frittata Recipe for One Person

The first time I made this frittata recipe it was for a crowd (rather than one serving) on a boat, which was rocking. It took quite some time to make and they devoured it in minutes! I’ve scaled it back considerably, made it a bit faster, and of course, it’s now a frittata recipe for one person instead of six. If you’re not sure what a frittata is, think  of an omelette crossed with a quiche. The full list of ingredients changes, but it’s essentially eggs, sliced potatoes, and veggies.

The other great thing about frittatas is that they’re flexible. The original recipe (from one of the 60 Minute Gourmet cookbooks) called for ham, zucchini, leeks, peppers, and mushrooms. A great combination, but I didn’t have all those ingredients when I made the version I’ve posted here. So, I used broccoli, mushrooms, and onions instead.

It does require a bit of slicing and chopping, but you can cheat, and use some frozen, pre-cut veggies, which is what I did here. I’m calling it lunch, but you could make it for a weekend brunch or for dinner too.


Substitutions and Variations for Your Frittata for One

  • make it with spinach, feta, scallions, and dill (like spanakopitas)
  • or crumble some cooked sausage and parmesan cheese
  • add artichokes (the marinated kind) and red peppers
  • add a mild cheese
  • cook some bacon, crumble it up, and add that to the vegetable/potato mixture

More Egg and Omelette Recipes

spinach and feta cheese omeletteFeta and Spinach Omelette

The essential flavors of spanakopitas, without all the fiddly phyllo dough.  Salty feta, tender spinach, and a mild oniony bite from scallions.


egg chili cheese burritoEgg Chili Cheese Burrito Recipe

Great for any meal, and perfect when you want food fast.  Cook an egg, heat some canned beans, and heat some chilis. Ready in fifteen minutes.


eggs with spinach and chili pepperEggs with Spinach and Chili Peppers

Another perfect breakfast, light lunch, or brunch favorite.  Earthy spinach, some cumin for spicy warmth, and chili for heat.  Ready quickly too.


egg and tomato gratinEgg and Tomato Gratin for One Person

Eggs mixed with sweet tomatoes, fragrant onions, and garlic, and topped with cheese. That’s tomatoes in the photo (not bacon), but you could certainly add some!


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  1. Hi Barbara,

    I’m not quite sure what you mean. How much does each serving weigh? Or X ounces of prepared food equals Y calories? I don’t know the answer, but I suppose you could plug all the ingredients into a calorie calculator and get some sort of estimate.

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