Single Loaf Bread Recipe Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

This single loaf bread recipe is just about the easiest loaf of bread ever.  I adapted it from the King Arthur recipe site (which is a treasure trove of baking know-how). They call it hearth bread. That recipe, however, makes two loaves, which is just too much for one person.  So, I reduced the quantities and made one single loaf recipe instead.

A Kitchenaid stand mixer makes the whole process much easier and faster. If you don’t have one, you can do it the old-fashioned way and knead it by hand.

At its simplest, bread is flour, water, yeast, and salt, with maybe a bit of sugar to give the yeast something to munch on. You can get crustier bread by brushing it with water or egg white. Make it softer with milk, or add new flavors (like honey or sesame seeds).  However, those basic few ingredients are all you really need. It may seem intimidating if you haven’t done it before, but it’s really not. After a while, you get a “feel” for how the dough should look and feel and can correct any mistakes.


The bread is easy, but the instructions in the original recipe were a bit confusing. They gave several different variations on how to bake the bread (depending on how crusty you like it) and was a bit tricky to navigate through all the different options. So,  I have shared the version/combination I found works best for my taste.

Update: King Arthur eventually decided that the original instructions were both too confusing, and were causing many people to end up with burned bread! The new method ditches the pan of water, and leads to a delicious, crusty loaf of bread. I tried it out and the results were much better. If you want the bread to be extra-crusty, let it cool in a turned-off oven (instructions are in the notes section of the recipe).

They also say to make it a long “Italian bread” shape (which makes it a bit crustier), but I left it round because I liked the way it looks.

Tip:   Use Saf Instant Yeast to make your bread. It’s a one pound package, which will make a lot of loaves of bread! Much more economical than the little packets. It also starts to work right away.  You don’t have to wait for it to proof.

Tools and Ingredients for this Recipe

Norpro Bench Scraper/Chopper

I’d been making do with a knife or using my hands to  pick the dough up off the counter. Then I decided I’d had enough. This bench scraper is not expensive, and it’s worth every cent. The dough comes right up.  It’s easy to divide or measure (sometimes I make two mini-loaves) and a lot less messy.

Saf Instant Yeast, 1 Pound Pouch

If you’ve been getting those pricey individual packets, just stop. This is a much better solution. It’s a lot cheaper per loaf, you save time, and you can make dozens of loaves of bread.  It also works faster than standard yeast.  Win-win.

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Kitchenaid Potato Bread Recipe

One of the joys of a Kitchenaid is how much easier it is to make bread, cookies, and cakes.  This recipe for potato bread comes out moist, soft, and rises beautifully.  If you like Martin’s potato bread, you’ll like this too.

I have adapted the recipe from All Recipes.  First, I reduced the recipe to make one loaf instead of two. I have no room for two loaves. I also exchanged the shortening for butter.

Measure the flour over the surface you want to use to shape the bread.  Any extra flour will pre-flour the counter.

The Kitchenaid makes the whole dough preparation process faster.  You don’t have to mix the dough as long as the original recipe.  And, there’s no need to keep scraping down the sides. You also don’t have to stand and knead the bread for 10 minutes.  Just swap out the paddle for the dough hook and let the machine do all the work.

Check to see if the dough is kneaded enough by poking it with your finger.  If it is, it will bounce back when you poke it.

After it rises, poke the dough again. If it stays indented, it is ready to bake.

The rising times are approximate since the speed will depend on conditions in your home that particular day. Sometimes it takes a bit longer.

Here’s one before baking

potato bread unbaked

And here it is out of the oven

potato bread baked


Tools and Ingredients for This Recipe

Norpro Stainless Steel Bread Pan

I admit it, I’m hard on my pans.  Not this one. I’ve had it for years and it looks brand-spanking-new.  The food doesn’t stick, no matter what I make in it: bread, meatloaf, apple bread (full size recipe), you name it. Whatever I do, it cleans up easily.  Yay! Because I love cooking, but not cleaning.

Norpro Bench Scraper/Chopper

You may not have heard of a bench scraper. Or think you need one. But, if you’re going to bake bread, or make noodles, or pastry, you need one.  It lifts the dough up easily, so you can get it all into the bowl without struggling.  Or, use it to chop veggies, and then transfer them to a pan or pot.

Saf Instant Yeast, 1 Pound Pouch

I confess I got tired of buying those silly little packets of yeast. They were a dollar each, took longer to proof, and I kept running out.  Plus, some of them had cornstarch in them. I wanted yeast, not cornstarch. This is much better.  It’s much cheaper per use, you have enough to bake dozens of loaves of bread, and there’s nothing in there except yeast. The instant yeast works faster than the standard variety too.  Store it in the freezer so it lasts longer.

J.K. Adams FRP-1 Maple French Rolling Pin

A French-style rolling pin with no handles. You’d think handles would be easier to well, handle. Turns out they’re not.  It’s easier to hold on to this rolling pin because it’s longer and the ends are tapered. So. you have better control over what you’re doing and it’s easier to roll out the dough.

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