kitchenaid honey oat bread recipe

Kitchenaid Honey Oat Bread Recipe

This Kitchenaid honey oat bread recipe is adapted from the cookbook that came with my mixer. The oats add body and texture, so the bread can hold up to mayo, a big stack of cold cuts, or even just some plain old peanut butter and jelly.  It also makes wonderful cinnamon toast.  And, the honey adds a touch of sweetness.

The only problem with the recipe in the book is that it’s for two loaves. The bread is delicious, but this is a “single serving” blog, so two loaves is too much.

So, I’ve altered it to make just one loaf of honey oat bread. I also used instant yeast (and adjusted the quantities) to speed things up a bit.  And, because I discovered that a big bag of instant yeast is a much better value than a few little packets of the regular kind!

The original recipe in the Kitchenaid cookbook calls for quick oats, which are simply ordinary oats that have been ground up.  Grinding makes the oats smaller (obviously) so they cook faster. Don’t worry if you don’t have them (neither did I).  That is easily fixed by taking some standard rolled oats, popping them in the mini-chopper, or a food processor, and grinding them for a few seconds. You can do this when you make oatmeal too. Then you have oatmeal in a lot less time.

As noted in the recipe, you can add an egg white to the water glaze for a shinier crust.  I was low on eggs, so I didn’t bother.

Tip:  Rinse the measuring cup with water before you measure out the honey. That way, it won’t stick and will pour out easily.



Tools and Ingredients for this Recipe

Norpro Stainless Steel Bread Pan

I just love this pan. I know, in love with a pan?! What? But it’s wonderful. There’s no coating, but the food pops right out. It’s super-easy to clean (and I love cooking, but hate the cleanup). Whatever I use it for: sandwich bread, apple bread, banana bread, meatloaf it wipes right up.  Still looks brand new too.


Norpro Bench Scraper/Chopper

It was the pie that did it. Last Thanksgiving, my brother insisted I make apple pie (which I did). But getting that dough off the counter was a real pain. I told him that going forward I wanted a bench scraper.  This little wonder tool picks the dough right up off the counter.  You don’t get messy, and you can grab every bit of it.  Works for moving chopped veggies from the cutting board to a pot too.

Saf Instant Yeast, 1 Pound Pouch

A great, and much more budget-friendly, alternative to those tiny packets. Those things cost a fortune (over a dollar each), and only make three loaves. This large bag lasts for months and months.  I keep it in the freezer (so it stays fresher longer).  There’s another bonus: it’s instant yeast. That means it starts working right away. You don’t have to wait for it to dissolve.

J.K. Adams FRP-1 Maple French Rolling Pin

Most rolling pins are short and chunky. This one is long and has tapered ends. It’s a lot easier to handle and roll out your bread dough.  I find it’s also easier to hold on to when my hands are floury and requires less pressure.

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2 thoughts on “Kitchenaid Honey Oat Bread Recipe”

  1. Egg is not listed in ingredient list. But is mentioned to add in instructions. Would that be a whole egg or just yolk from the egg used for egg white wash?

  2. Hi Jasmine,
    You need a whole egg for the bread dough plus an egg white (mixed with water) to make an egg white wash. Save the yolk from the second egg for something else (like an omelette). I updated the recipe to reflect that. Sorry about the error!

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