Measuring Ingredients

US teaspoon and tablespoon measuring set
US teaspoon and tablespoon measuring set

Measuring ingredients seems straightforward enough, but it isn’t. For instance, I’ve recently discovered that a tablespoon is not always a tablespoon! It seems Australian and New Zealand tablespoons are different from US measurements.

I knew metric and US were different (and how to convert), but I had no idea that something with the same name had two different meanings.

Australian tablespoons are 20 ml (or four teaspoons), while American tablespoons are only 15 ml (or three teaspoons).  And, British pints are different from American pints!



A Bit of Clarity on Measurements

The measurements on this blog are in US measures: quarts, pints, ounces, tablespoons, and teaspoons.

US fluid ounce measuring cups
US fluid ounce measuring cups

Here are some links to conversion charts if you need them:

US to metric conversion – fluid, weight, pan size, and oven temperature conversion

Cooking units conversion – conversion by ingredient, just type in what you want to measure; this one also includes British units (as the British pints and ounces are different)

US dry/weight measuring cups
US dry/weight measuring cups

Grams to cups converter – type in your ingredient, the amount, the units you want to convert, and the units you want to end up with

Cooking equivalents – charts for dry and  liquid measurements, as well as conversions for common baking ingredients and oven temperatures

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