dijonnaise salmon cakes

Dijonnaise Salmon Cakes

I spotted this recipe for salmon cakes with dijon mayonnaise sauce on Bon Appetit and thought it sounded delicious. But way too complicated. With too many steps and pots to clean.  It involved baking fresh salmon in the oven, and then whipping up your own mayonnaise. While homemade mayonnaise is wonderful, it’s also extra effort, and doesn’t keep in the fridge as well as the store-bought version. So I came up with an easier version that requires far less time and energy.  And fewer pots to clean. Still tastes great though.

I’ve used canned salmon (so you don’t have to cook it separately) and store bought mayonnaise, gussied up to taste brighter and fresher. And, of course, made the entire recipe smaller, so it makes four cakes instead of 12.

I also swapped the scallions for onions (because that’s what I had), and dried dill instead of fresh (didn’t want to buy a whole bunch for one recipe).  And, then used lemon juice instead of zest (zest would be fine too).

Another note, since this is bound together with potatoes instead of bread crumbs, it’s gluten-free (and would also be OK for Passover).

It’s an easy way to dress up pantry/standard fridge ingredients into something special.

Incidentally, if you want to use fresh salmon, brush it with olive oil and bake at 400 degrees for about 12 minutes, until it is opaque.


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