One Person Easter or Passover Dinners

We’re still home alone, and there are more holidays we’ll have to celebrate Easter or Passover for one, or else join our friends and family on Zoom.  While we can’t go to mom’s or grandma’s or even eat in a restaurant, we can still eat well and celebrate. Even if those celebrations look a bit different than usual.

Since the two holidays have entirely different traditions, with different dietary rules and customs, I’ve chosen dishes that are low-fuss, but still pack plenty of flavor. The side dishes are suitable for either holiday, and obviously, if you observe Easter, you can eat anything on the page!

Because having a one person Easter or Passover doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a delicious festive meal.

One Person Easter Main Dishes

apple glazed ham steakApple Glazed Ham Steak Recipe for One Person

Sure, everyone serves ham with pineapple, but this is better. The sweet/tart apple is a better foil to the salty ham. And, it’s easy too. Since it cooks quickly (the fastest main dish on this page), it’s great if you don’t feel like waiting to eat!


greek lamb breastGreek Lamb Breast Recipe

A hands-off recipe that requires very little effort. Just prep it, marinate, and then forget it.  Slow-roasting deepens the flavors and warms your home too.  Throw in some potatoes to bake for a really low-fuss (but delicious) meal. Or try one of the side dishes below. Incidentally, some Jewish traditions are a definite “no” to lamb on Passover; others are OK. If you are a “yes,” you can eat this!


lamb breast provencale with rosemaryOne Person Slow Roasted Lamb Breast Provencal Recipe

An easy hands-off main dish.  Just put it together, and let it cook slowly in your oven while you do something else.  Your home will smell wonderful as the garlic and rosemary permeate your house!

One Person Passover Main Dishes

stovetop coq au vinStovetop Coq au Vin Chicken with Red Wine Sauce

A weeknight friendly version of a classic French dish. The standard version takes a lot of time and effort.  This one doesn’t!

The recipe does call for flour, but you can use potato starch instead. There’s also butter, but you can use neutral oil if you’d rather not mix meat and milk.

unstuffed cabbage roll recipe

Small Batch Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls Recipe

Much less work than the standard version! Mine is layered, like lasagne; no rolling, no stuffing. Still delicious. I used red cabbage (as I had bought it for something else), but green is fine too.


Jewish chicken curry chitarneeJewish Chicken Curry Chitarnee

A festive Sephardic Jewish recipe that’s zippier than the usual Ashkenazi fare. Not to worry, it’s not super-spicy. It’s flavored with onion, garlic, ginger, mild chilis, and cardamom, all of which become warm and mellow as they cook. The wine vinegar is OK for Passover too. And only one pot!


One Person Easter or Passover Side Dishes

oven roasted lemon garlic broccoliOven Roasted Lemon Garlic Broccoli

Roasting broccoli transforms broccoli.  The bitterness disappears, tenderizing it, and giving the broccoli a sweet, almost nutty flavor.



butternut squash brown sugar vanillaRoasted Butternut Squash with Brown Sugar and Vanilla

The side dish that thinks it’s a dessert! A touch of sugar, enhanced with vanilla, and then roasted in the oven until it becomes nutty and sweet.

This does have butter in it, so if you don’t want to mix that with a meat dish, try the broccoli or the potato bites.


crispy garlic basil potato bitesCrispy Garlic Basil Potato Bites

Tiny bite-size bits of starchy goodness, these potato bites are crispy outside and tender inside.  Almost like fries (but a lot less messy). Not to mention the extra garlic kick.

One Person Easter Desserts

small batch brownies cocoa powderSmall Batch Brownies with Cocoa Powder

Warm, slightly gooey, and super-chocolatey brownies sized for one person. And, only one bowl required! Be decadent and top them with chocolate syrup and/or some ice cream.



rustic pear tartRustic Pear Tart

Usually, making anything pie-like is a bit of a slog.  This recipe is different. There’s no pre-baking or crimping. And only a few steps to make it. But, you end up with a sweet, buttery dessert that’s a perfect holiday delight.


greek yogurt chocolate cakeGreek Yogurt Chocolate Cake

Triple chocolate (cake, chips, and ganache) cake that’s decadent, rich, but not too rich (it’s got yogurt!)  The ganache adds extra chocolatey oomph (and it’s easier than you might think).

One Person Passover Desserts

Cinnamon Sugar Brandy Bananascinnamon sugar bananas

End your meal with these sweet bananas, lightly dusted with cinnamon. Ready in minutes.

Brandy is OK (check the label to make sure if you are observant).]



single serving double dark chocolate pudding recipeSingle Serving Double Dark Chocolate Pudding Recipe

A single serving of rich, indulgent pudding.  Cook it less and you get thick, hot chocolate. So, it’s really two recipes in one!



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