strawberry blueberry crumble

Strawberry Blueberry Crumble

These strawberry blueberry crumble bars were not planned. Oh, I’d made the original blueberry crumble bars a number of times. Even got friends to make them. Turns out they are extremely forgiving (friend left them in the oven way too long and they were still good!)

However, in this case I had to pivot. I only had about a cup of blueberries. But there were also some strawberries that had to get used up. So strawberry blueberry crumble bars were born!

I did halve the original recipe (because that required FOUR cups of fruit and I only had two), and also cut down the sugar a bit since the strawberries are sweeter than the blueberries. Also, lacking a fresh lemon, I used lemon peel and lemon juice instead of fresh zest and juice. I’ve given amounts for both.

I tend to like less sweet desserts anyway. You can adjust to your own taste.



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