pork with blueberry balsamic sauce

Pork with Blueberry Balsamic Sauce

Pork and apples are a common combination, right? But a bit tired. Why not jazz up your dinner and make pork with blueberry balsamic sauce instead? The sweetness of the blueberries and the tangy vinegar are a fantastic complement to the rich, meaty pork.

The result: absolutely divine! I really wanted to eat it again! Heck, I want to eat it now (as I type this early in the morning).

It all sounds planned from that description, but it really wasn’t. I bought some pork chops intending to make a stir fry. But that’s not what I ended up making. It suddenly occurred to me that I had some fresh blueberries (they were on sale) and that blueberries and pork would work nicely together. A quick search and I found a number of recipes combining blueberries, pork, and balsamic vinegar. Seemed like a great combination! Some recipes were more involved then others. But it was a weeknight. I didn’t feel like fussing too much. So, naturally, I chose a simple one! Less mess and fewer ingredients. It’s largely this recipe, but I swapped the sugar with honey (so I could use less and it would dissolve into the sauce faster). And so pork with blueberry balsamic sauce was born!

I reduced both the quantity of everything and the cooking time for the sauce (since there’s a lot less of it – make sure to keep the flame super-low).

I’ve made this with a pork chop, but a tenderloin, or even chunks of pork would work just as well.


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