Gooey small batch chocolate chip cookies

Gooey Small Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’ve been trying to create gooey small batch chocolate chip cookies for ages. I’d made a full batch of chocolate chip cookies for years without problems. And got lots of compliments, despite using a standard recipe right off the package. But with less traveling lately, there are fewer chances to share. And it’s tough to eat a full batch all by myself.

But when I started to think about it and consciously tried to figure out why my cookies were so different, I got…flat cookies.

And most of the recipes I found online for gooey chocolate chip cookies were either too big, nearly the same amount of work as a large batch, or came up flat. Some called for cornstarch (in cookies?), others said to chill the dough for hours. And wait for my cookies??? No!! Still others recommended increasing the amount of brown sugar.

None of this helped. Especially since I knew I hadn’t been doing any of those things before.

After years (!) of wondering what the heck happened, and why thinking about my process messed up my cookies, I finally figured out the secret to gooey small batch chocolate chip cookies. It’s not cornstarch and it’s not chilling the cookies either! This recipe requires no chilling!

The secret? Well maybe two secrets. Secret number one: don’t soften the butter. Secret number two: have a stand mixer.

The result is gooey, small batch chocolate chip cookies (about 20 of them). Enough to share. Or not.



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