chocolate egg cream homemade syrup

Chocolate Egg Cream with Homemade Syrup

Traditionally, the correct and right way to make a chocolate egg cream is with Fox-‘s U-Bet chocolate syrup. And, I may lose my NYC card for this, but I didn’t do it that way. I had no syrup, and I didn’t want to have to make a special trip to get it (particularly under current conditions). So, I made a chocolate egg cream with homemade syrup instead. And besides, not everyone has access to the “right” syrup.

Now, if you’re not from New York, you may not have heard of a chocolate egg cream. You may also, understandably, expect it to be made with eggs and cream. After all, it says so right in the name. Right? Nope. There are no eggs and no cream.  Just chocolate syrup, milk, and seltzer. Why is it called that then? Nobody really knows.

Whatever the reason for the name, it’s a delicious, refreshing chocolatey treat that’s perfect for a hot day.

Turns out making the syrup is really easy. It’s actually quite similar to making chocolate pudding.  All you need is five simple ingredients you likely already have: cocoa powder, water, sugar, salt, and a little vanilla extract.  I have cut the original syrup recipe in half, so it’s enough for two egg creams. You can drizzle the extra syrup over cinnamon sugar bananas or use it to prepare poached pears with chocolate sauce.

Not to mention that if you DIY your own homemade chocolate syrup,  you know what’s in it (and can pronounce all of the ingredients).

By the way, the syrup also makes great (and easy) hot chocolate. Just add 1 1/2 to 2 T of syrup (depending on how chocolatey you want your cocoa), to an 8 oz. mug. Fill with milk.  Stir together and then heat in the microwave for a minute.  Or, cook gently in a saucepan until hot, but not boiling.

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2 thoughts on “Chocolate Egg Cream with Homemade Syrup”

  1. Chocolate flavoured soda milk! Now what’s not to love about this one! It is so easy to make and sounds quite a treat in a glass. ❤

  2. Ha ha! Yep. 🙂 Sometimes, when I’m feeling really decadent, I use half and half (half cream and half milk), roughly similar to English single cream, but a bit thinner.

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